Multiplayer Bomberman Unreal Engine 5 (5.0)


Multiplayer project using Unreal Engine 5 and C++


The build can be found using this link

The full project git is available here :

Please clone the project instead of downloading it, as downloading may cause issues with GIT LFS and prevent you from seeing UAssets within Unreal Engine.

Gameplay video:


This personal project is a multiplayer Bomberman-style game developed for PC using Unreal Engine 5.

The game features a classic top-down perspective and simple 3D graphics.

The gameplay is inspired by Bomberman, where the player controls a character in a maze-like arena, and the objective is to eliminate all enemies while avoiding their attacks.

What I did 

Well pretty much everything, execpt all the Art related stuff (3D Model, Images, ect…)

1. Creating the base Map

2. Creating the board with random generation.

3. Creating each block, the character and the bomb with their effects.


5. Menus